(Genève, 2009, 18 – 22 may)  International Telecom Union

May 21st 2009, 16h – 17h30

 The session is organized around three major axes:

1 –  Living Labs and breaking territorial innovation (under Laura Garcia Vitoria aegis)

First part will present as well Territories of Tomorrow living Lab in Saint Laurent de Neste, Privas, Strasbourg, Peyresq and Draguignan, but also Mediterranean Living Labs and the creation of the Euro-Mediterranean network following documents issued in Malaga and Malta meetings, but also in preparing the Spanish presidency, in which a large French cooperation is forecast, as well as in the framework of the  Union for the Mediterranean . The process to allow all network members – and of course their partners – to present proposals in the future calls, will be presented, in order to develop their projects and actions

2 – European New Technologies Centers, an international network of « villages »  created  ex nihilo for numeric activities in order to improve life quality . ( Jean-Claude Vich)

European New Technologies Centers  will be presented in their approach as engines for the tomorrow knowledge society, but also through their first realisations in the cities community of Privas in Ardeche (France).

3 – Creation of a knowledge and innovation community around information society of tomorrow. (André Jean-Marc Loechel)

This community will gather all research potentials of all actors and their specifics networks by creating a large innovation and knowledge community inside the framework of the European Institute of Technology .

Three kick-off meetings will enlarge this session :

May 21st from 10h00  to 12h00 with Laura Garcia Vitoria and André Jean-Marc Loechel, leaders of the Living Lab of Territories of Tomorrow will enlarge cooperation around their projects (meeting open with previous registration).

May 22nd from 10h00 to 11h00,  a meeting  with Jean-Claude Vich is organised, about possible partnerships with the European Centers for New Technologies, this meeting is mainly devoted to economics managers and open with previous registration to decision makers allowed to decide and involve companies partnerships, to development managers of organisations and companies, and services managers.

May 22nd from 11h00 to 12h00 , another meeting, open to everyone , under the Aegis of Henry Lopez (ESADE, Barcelone), will work on the Laboranova project wich will be  set up in France by the Territories of Tomorrow Foundation.

Forum 2009

Contacts :

Scientific Direction : Laura Garcia Vitoria,  d’ARENOTECH President

Session Management : André Jean-Marc Loechel, Territories of Tommorrow Foundation President

Contact for Economic managers : Jean-Claude Vich, European Centers for New Technologies program director